It’s a FIX!


The Fix is Candid Camera meets Face Lift in this reno–ridiculous half hour of crapmanship. Each week, irreverent and infectiously funny Brit contractors Neil Davies (Real Reno’s) and Jay Purvis (Kitchen Equipped) prey on hapless homeowners who think they’re getting a fabulous and free TV makeover, only to be “fixed” with some of the most absurd reno and decor ideas ever imagined. …


The Fix is Candid Camera meets Face Lift in this reno–ridiculous half hour of crapmanship. Each week, irreverent and infectiously funny Brit contractors Neil Davies (Real Reno’s) and Jay Purvis (Kitchen Equipped) prey on hapless homeowners who think they’re getting a fabulous and free TV makeover, only to be “fixed” with some of the most absurd reno and decor ideas ever imagined.The Fix is a chance for these two talented craftsmen to ditch their measuring tapes and have some fun at their client’s expense, showing us just how bad a reno can go, with priceless results. We watch the entire process as Neil & Jay scheme to deliver the ultimate practical joke, with someone else’s house! In each episode, the homeowners are introduced, Neil & Jay gain their trust, their hopes and dreams for the ultimate TV makeover are explored, and then their worst nightmares are realized! As the homeowners are ushered into the “Fake” space, they begin to voice their disgust with the absurd transformation, while our tireless pranksters keep happy–faced and proud of their abomination as long as possible, defending their “wonderful” work, until finally the homeowner is let off the hook — It’s a FIX!

EP·1 'Inside Out'

Friends Kathy and Chantal fulfilled their dream of becoming homeowners. The next step was to tackle their kitchen. The pair wanted a space that was inspired by the outdoors. Eager to please, Neil and Jay moved the stove out onto the deck and brought astro turf and a barbeque into the kitchen. Now the girls can enjoy cooking outdoors and indoors!

EP·2 'The Newly'

Craig and Victoria want a space where they can entertain friends and family. Neil and Jay will give them just that, but first they want to entertain themselves and give the couple a lounge right out of the 70’s! Craig and Victoria will be able to kick it old school in this disco style room, complete with a disco ball.

EP·3 'We Love to Party'

Lisa and Tim are a fun, energetic couple who don’t take life too seriously. They’ve asked for a basement makeover to increase their living space, but have also requested that the space not feel too grown up. Well that’s easy for Neil and Jay! This space will be transformed into the ultimate kids playground complete with a ball pit, and a romper room floor. Lisa and Tim’s true sense of humour will be tested when they feast their eyes on their new space!

EP·4 'Our First Home'

First time homeowners Lisa and Adam have asked for a French Country inspired bedroom. Neil and Jay embrace the style of 17th century France in this grand bedroom Luis the XIV would be proud to call his own. Complete with burgundy wallpaper, huge drapery and an ever so tacky headboard, this couple will be left speechless.

EP·5 'A Hunting We Will Go'

Newlyweds Adrienne and Dan invite Jay and Neil into their home to create a relaxing retreat. Using the existing wood paneling as inspiration, the guys construct the ultimate hunting lodge. As an added bonus, this room will also be made even cozier by the addition of a 5th wall used to block off unused space. Will Neil and Jay become the hunted when Dan and Adrienne return home?

EP·6 'Condo Nightmare'

These stylish sisters Melissa and Samantha have requested a jaw dropping, edgy design in their newly purchased condo. Edgy is one way you can put it as Neil and Jay design the ultimate “Addams Family” gothic re-creation in this downtown apartment. The girls will be left screaming with terror!

EP·7 'Checkmate'

Jennifer and Michael are a young, urban, newlywed couple. Everything is perfect! Not for much longer as Jay and Neil introduce them to the idea of not so perfect. They’ve asked for their closet to be expanded. Neil and Jay take closet expansion to a new level as they build right into the middle of the room. With some other fun tricks up their sleeves, this couple will be taken for a ride that will leave them with their heads spinning.

EP·8 'Slumber Party'

Neil and Jay are creating the ultimate girls room. YIKES. These victims have asked for a quiet place where they can hang out and entertain the girls. Neil and Jay have a different take on what a girl’s room is: nail painting, dolls and pink, pink, pink.

EP·9 'Split Personality'

The one room Michelle wasn’t allowed to touch according to Lou was his man space. Well that’s about to change as Michelle puts her foot down and demands a room that they both can enjoy. Leave it in the hands of Neil and Jay to literally split this room down the middle for double the enjoyment.

EP·10 'Fun House'

Tade and Andre are a hip and happening, young couple that want a sexy, but fun bedroom. The trouble begins when Neil and Jay hear the word fun. This bedroom will be converted into the ultimate Pee Wee Herman Fun House for this couple to let loose in.

EP·11 'Silver Screen'

Janny and Keith want to transform their living room into a great place where they can entertain friends and watch movies. Neil and Jay take the couple on a cinematic adventure and give them a large screen TV complete with theatre style seating. Get the popcorn!

EP·12 'Man Space'

David and Susanna have enlisted The Fix to renovate their basement. The couple decided that since most of the house reflects Susanna’s taste, the basement would be David’s room. Since David only gets the one room Neil and Jay take advantage of the space and convert it into the ultimate man’s space where David and the guys can drink beer, play poker and burp!

EP·13 'Music Room'

Cam and Gosia are both musicians that met while working on a cruise ship. Neil and Jay take Cam and Gosia’s instructions and create a Norwegian inspired room that can be used to house their instruments. The boys have decided to take this couple back to sea, only with smaller quarters. Large instrument boxes and shoddy nautical décor will surely sink this ship fast!

EP·14 'The Palace'

This young couple knows exactly what they want when it comes to renovating their bedroom, or at least Cynthia does. This girly girl, has made the mistake and used the word pretty. White wonderland gone bad is what this couple will get. Not so masculine for Andrew, but dainty enough for princess Cynthia.

EP·15 'Paradise Island'

Matthew and Carla want a space where they can relax, entertain and play in. Matthew has specifically asked for an “oasis”, so what Neil and Jay will give them is an island oasis, straight from the Caribbean. We’ll bring in Palm trees, sand and of course, a tiki bar! They love entertaining friends, so this new and improved loft will do just that. Who wouldn’t want an instant vacation on their 3rd floor?

EP·16 'Modern Madness'

Sophisticated couple, Steve and Linda want to modernize their basement, but apparently Neil and Jay have a different idea of what “modern” is. The guys deck out the basement with white vinyl furniture, foil paper accents and a splash of bright orange. What will the couple say when they see the floor is constructed of bulletin board lined with duct tape? Not exactly what they had in mind when they said clean lines!

EP·17 'Cubicle Living'

Dawn and Frank had a dream to transform their open concept main floor into a functional space with clearly defined areas. After a little creative planning, and the help of a dozen miniatures, Neil and Jay build this growing family the multiple tiny rooms that will give them the definition they are looking for. Why have one room, when you can have five?

EP·18 'Bonus Room'

Practical couple Dan and Cindy are looking to turn their spare room into a more functional space but when Neil and Jay get in there, dysfunction ensues, as they install a murphy bed that doubles as a bookshelf. This room will be anything but practical.

EP·19 'Ultra Organized'

Neil and Jay have been called in to bring some order into Ian and Lara’s bedroom. Lara is all about being organized and can’t stand the fact that there just isn’t a place for everything. The boys have decided to go the extra mile and raise their bed six feet off the ground in order to maximize on every inch of their bedroom space. Boxes, labels and shelves will help to keep this couple organized from floor to ceiling.

EP·20 'Zen Room'

Ross and Raquel are no strangers to the Reno TV World. With one great experience under their belt, they thought they would try it again. Little do they know that Neil and Jay are about to give them a big surprise into what reality TV is all about. The boys go Zen and turn this room into lilac hell! “Serenity now” will be the last thing on this couple’s mind.

EP·21 ' Tree House'

Naturalists Sid and Jodi want to unearth their outdated bedroom. Naturally, Neil and Jay take things too far and turn this bedroom into a forest complete with live trees, shrubs, linoleum grass tiles and a swinging hammock! Will Neil and Jay get a second shot at finishing the room or will Sid and Jodi tell them to take a hike?

EP·22 'La Hacienda'

Clark and Michael are a quirky couple looking to give their den a face lift. Jay and Neil use the Mexican fireplace as inspiration and cross the line (and the border) creating a Mexican villa complete with sombreros and salsa, leaving the homeowners feeling hot, hot, hot with fury. Olé!

EP·23 'Animal House'

Animal lovers Shari and Ira have asked Neil and Jay to create an animal friendly living room for them to enjoy with their four legged family members. Complete with a giant litter box, an indoor grass patch, and a few extra critters, this space is every pet’s dream. How will Shari and Ira react when they see that their room has been turned into a kitty and doggy daycare?

EP·24 'Miami Beach'

Derek and Jared both work in the travel industry and are desperate for an escape of their very own. Neil and Jay fill the couple’s backyard with sand, sun and fun. Unfortunately the flamingo covered space isn’t exactly Derek and Jared’s idea of a walk on the beach. The closest thing to paradise will be the knee-deep wading pool that awaits them.

EP·25 'Two Faced'

Kevin and Alison are engaged and soon to be married. What better way to embark on their new life together than with a new designed living and dining area! Kevin is a fan of big, bright colours while Alison’s taste is more neutral and toned down. Relationships are all about compromise, but Neil and Jay never compromise and give them both exactly what they want and design a completely reversible living room, one side for Kevin and one side for Allison.

EP·26 'Barn House'

Mother and daughter combo Lydia and Natalie want their basement to have an “antiquey” feel. Who better to design this old fashioned room than a couple of Brits! Neil and Jay go on a path of discovery, which takes them back in time, approximately 100 years. Neil and Jay turn back the hands of time and take this basement back to basics – spinning wheel and all!