New YTV Series “Undercover High” Puts a New Twist on Hidden-Camera Series

By May 28, 2014 Press No Comments

YTV is launching a new original series, “Undercover High,” that gives viewers the chance to see what happens when principles and teachers turn the tables and pull practical jokes on unsuspecting high school students. “Undercover High” premieres Tues., June 17 at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT on YTV.

The hysterical new hidden-camera series from General Purpose Pictures puts a surprise twist on the usual straight-laced school experience by allowing school staff to stage outrageous pranks on their students. Behind the scenes, host Lisa Gilroy uses her pranking expertise and her flare for comedy to help teachers and principals pull off the elaborate set ups. Viewers are in on the joke from the sly set-up, to the prank and finally for the hilarious reveal.

“Kids love hidden-camera series so setting up pranks in their natural habitat of schools was a sure fire way ante,” says Scott Clark McNeil, executive producer, president and owner, General Purpose Pictures. “The principals and teachers loved setting up fast ones on their kids.”

Each 10 x 30-minute episode of “Undercover High” features two separate, unrelated pranks at two different high schools. From one of the most awkward in-class marriage proposals, to a ridiculous school photo shoot, kids – and any adult who remembers their own awkward high school days – will love being in on every crazy situation.

“We’re excited to be working with General Purpose again on this new series,” said Jamie Piekarz, Director of Content, Corus Kids. “‘Undercover High’ takes the hidden-camera conceit to a new level by involving entire classes of unsuspecting kids with the help of the least likely pranksters of all—teachers.”

Host Lisa Gilroy hails from Edmonton, Alberta where she began pursuing theatre and comedy. She starred in Spearsical the Musical as Britney and performed in The 11 O’Clock Number. Now the mastermind behind many high school pranks, Lisa brings her brand of mayhem to “Undercover High.”

About General Purpose Pictures Inc.
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