When home is where the heart used to be.




In this fast paced, fun and moving half–hour of relationship–renovation–reality TV, the house saving team of Relationship Strategist & Contractor Dylan Marcel respond to frantic families who’ve been suffering in their space, driving them all nuts!
SAVE US FROM OUR HOUSE! will get close and personal inside the family unit, exposing true and raw emotion. Our Relationship Strategist, Hina Khan, tackles the emotional damage first, leading the family through a series of challenges and therapy models designed to address fractured relationships. Meanwhile Contractor Dylan Marcel and his crew of professional craftsmen break down the walls tearing this family apart, finding innovative and specialized solutions. The Save Us Design team put the finishing touches and modern design elements together. The Save Us team will broker peace between the family and the house, arming them with some new insights on how to prosper as a loving family within it.

Dylan Marcel


Dylan has had a passion for renovating since he spent a summer away from his studies at McGill University to work on high-end residential renovations in Connecticut. After dabbling in modeling, acting and renovating, Dylan completed a carpentry apprenticeship and moved up the ladder to become job supervisor.

Hina Khan

Relationship Strategist

Hina Khan has spent a decade in the television industry both in front of and behind the camera. As a journalist, director and host, her diverse experience spans lifestyle television, news magazines, current affairs, documentaries and youth television for a range of broadcasters.

Season 1

EP·1 'Teenage Wasteland'

Katherine and Larry feel like their once loving home has become a frat house! It seems as if there’s a revolving door and the whole family have become like ships passing in the night. The only meaningful interaction taking place is the two teenagers fighting with each other. Everyone’s looking forward to a few years from now when the teens leave for college. Will Hina and Scott be able to get this family back together and give them the insight and space to help them enjoy the years they have left together under the same roof?

EP·2 'In-law Interference'

Melissa and Carlos are struggling with an 18 month-old baby and now they are expecting baby #2 any day now. As if this isn’t enough pressure, they have Melissa’s parents staying with them every few weeks, for the entire weekend! By the end of the in-laws stay, tensions run high and the bickering turns to resentment. Can Hina and Scott help Melissa and Carlos deal with the in-law visits and re-structure the home to accommodate all of these people?

EP·3 'Stalemate'

Donna and Paul have argued about renovations for over ten years! The resentment has built up, and they have reached a real stalemate. Their son, Rees, has learned to placate himself with videogames to tune out his parents. It’s going to be a major challenge for Hina and Scott get this couple to let go of the past, reconnect and start spending time together as a family.

EP·4 'Traffic Jam'

Jennifer and Will are living in constant chaos. The insanity of raising three small children and having a full time job has left Jennifer feeling like she’s failing as a mother and wife. Hina and Scott will help this family find order in the chaos and calm their high traffic zones!

EP·5 'The Odd Couple'

Both Carol, a single mom and her thirteen year old daughter Katherine consider cooking to be their zen time. The problem is – they can’t get along and work together in the kitchen! Carol is an outspoken and domineering pack rat, while Katherine is a mature, reserved minimalist. Add to this, the fact that their kitchen is a complete mess! Scott and Hina will have to find the perfect recipe to help this odd couple stop fighting and get cooking.

EP·6 'Growing Pains'

Elaine and Jim have a toddler and another on the way, yet they’re having a hard time letting go of the freedom of youth. With adult toys like boats and snowmobiles and hardcore shopping habits, they haven’t been able to prepare their home for one child- let alone two! Hina and Scott will have to help this couple to let go of the past and grow up fast!

EP·7 'Room to Grow'

Mary and Allan have an 11 year old daughter, Sarah, and a 6 year old, Laura, who has a rare genetic disorder. Laura needs constant attention from everyone as she has trouble controlling her impulses. This family is truly inspirational, but they are at their wit’s end as they have become desperate for another “safe” room they can have for Laura to ease their minds.

EP·8 'Off Beat'

Darlene and Milan have had serious financial trouble and now they’re in a real bind; after almost losing the house, they’re struggling to stay afloat. With a teenager, two young children and a new baby, things are desperate. This family is on top of each other, and the resulting chaos means nobody’s happy. Hina and Scott will have to get this family out of each other’s hair and back in sync!

EP·9 'Balancing Act'

Melanie’s a widow and a mother of two living in such cramped quarters that she’s been sleeping in the drawer of her son’s captain’s bed! The kids had to grow up fast and everyone seems to act as the head of the household. Scott has to find a really creative solution to give Melanie her own bedroom, and Hina takes the family on challenges to help them restore the balance in the household.

EP·10 'Adrift'

Debbie, Robert and their three girls are a fun and crazy bunch – but years of indecision and bickering over what to do with their space has confined them to their family room!! Everywhere else has become a dumping ground, and they’re eager for Hina to help them stop the cycle of clutter, and for Scott to re-purpose their other rooms so they can get out of the mess they’ve created!

EP·11 'Brothers In Arms'

Ruth and Ron have adopted their son Shaun’s best friend, Jake. Everyone’s thrilled, including their daughter Kirsten. Now that the boys are always together, sharing a room, going to the same school – they’re getting on each other’s nerves! To top it all off, Ruth is doing all of the housework, while the boys spend countless hours playing video games. Hina will help them to find ways to spend time apart and to help their mother, while Scott gives them a room of their own and another bathroom to ease the stress.

EP·12 'Out of Touch'

Lynne and Kurt have been both physically and emotionally growing apart. Their three daughters, plus Lynne’s work are getting most of her attention, so she’s stressed out all of the time. Hina will help this couple get reconnected, while Scott makes their bedroom private, and finds practical ways to make their basement kid-friendly in the daytime, and adults only at night.

EP·13 'Under One Roof'

Four generations under one roof are driving Cynthia around the bend. If she isn’t assisting with care for her mother-in-law, she’s doing the cooking and cleaning for her late twenty-something kids! The biggest stress for Cynthia revolves around her daughter, Candy, the single mother of a two year old. There’s nowhere for Candy and her baby to be so that the family has some space. Hina will help Cynthia’s kids to understand what their mother’s so stressed about, while Scott helps to give Candy and her daughter some space of their own, away from the rest of the family.

Season 2

EP·1 'Clean Sweep'

Jeff and Jenny argue a lot. He’s a neat freak and she’s a pack rat. Jeff expects his wife and kids to meet his extreme standards and it doesn’t help that Jenny can’t throw anything away. Everyday Jenny scrambles to make sure that the house is clean and tidy by the time Jeff gets home, but with 3 growing kids, a baby, and dinner to get on the table, it’s never good enough. Inevitably Jeff is frustrated and lashes out. Teenager Justin isn’t happy that his room is also his mom’s home office and the young family has no place where the younger kids can play. Can Hina and Dylan rescue this family from the vacuum cleaner and give them the play space they so desperately need?

EP·2 ' It’s Raining Men'

Lucy, Jeff and their two boys live in a beautifully decorated suburban home. The problem is there’s no place the men can really call their own. The open-concept main floor means the boys and their friends are always underfoot when mom’s trying to get things done and when tired Jeff gets home from work. With no place where the boys can let out their exuberant energy, it spills out all over the house. The result is a lot of yelling and a young family bursting at the seams with frustration and anger. Can Hina and Dylan help soothe these fiery tempers and create the space where this family can unwind?

EP·3 'Great Expectations'

Andrew, Jennifer and their young son Mason live in a park-like setting, on the outskirts of the city. Although beautifully situated by a creek, their century home has definitely seen better days. Jennifer has a demanding career and is on call 24 hours a day, while Andrew is a stay-at home dad intent on renovating the house all by himself. But the work has now been going on for over five years and Jennifer is sick and tired of living in what she calls – a renovation ‘war zone’. Will Hina and Dylan be able to rescue this family from construction hell and restore their house and hearth?

EP·4 'Under Construction'

As if three kids under the age of seven was not enough Katherine has become obsessed with renovating her home. Her husband Ken is worried for her and feels more than a little neglected as the couple struggle with one reno project after another. Afraid for the children’s safety, Katherine is now determined to move the playroom from the cramped and dingy basement up to the main floor but after years of renovations the couple has run out of steam and resources. Not only that but the exhaustion, anxiety and stress have taken a serious toll on their marriage and intimacy. The challenge for Hina and Dylan is to find a way to bring romance and serenity back into this couple’s life. Can they do it?

EP·5 'Yin & Yang'

Tom and Kim are the perfect example of the old adage “Opposites Attract”. Their very different styles apply to everything in their lives, from raising their two small children to their plans for renovating their home. Although they love their green neighbourhood, their 1920’s house definitely needs sprucing up…but neither Tom nor Kim can agree on how to proceed. She wants class and style, he wants cheap and cheerful. Hina and Dylan have their work cut out for them as the tension and stress bubble over and the young couple clash over everything – particularly how they spend their money.

EP·6 'Two’s A Crowd'

Too close for comfort…that’s the case for a brother and sister about to hit the pre-teen hormone stage. Hayden and his twin sister Paige share a bedroom and the nine year olds are now fighting more than ever. They and their single mom Brenda live in a cozy, two-storey home, which although perfect when the kids were little, is now definitely cramping their style. Stressed and exhausted, poor Brenda finds herself pulled in every direction as she struggles to raise two kids with special needs, who are getting just too old to share the same bedroom. She is at her wits end and has no clue how to help the kids, herself or the house. Can Hina and Dylan find a way to give Brenda a break and give the kids the space they need?

EP·7 'Opera House'

Grant and Romina are talented opera singers who are busy discovering the joys, and stresses, of caring for a new baby. The musical couple recently bought their cozy, two-storey home, attracted by it’s bright kitchen and great energy, but the lack of a proper rehearsal space is producing some very sour notes. Operatic clashes often break out as they struggle to keep their craft finely tuned while facing the challenges of being first-time parents while dealing with the space limitations of their new home. It doesn’t help that every time they try to improve things, their different styles clash like cymbals. Can Dylan and Hina restore harmony and reunite the two lovers?

EP·8 'Mind The Mess'

Meet a family at the mercy of their mess and chaos. Ray, Lisa and their two boys lead active, busy lives. While Ray loves to cook, Lisa loves to renovate. They all love basketball, but no one likes cleaning up. Tensions and arguments often erupt as Ray and Lisa blame each other for not doing enough to clean up, and neither of them seems able to get the boys to pitch in and help. They’ve agreed that because Ray works from home he’s responsible for getting dinner ready but Lisa, who has to clean-up, doesn’t see why he always needs to use every pot in the house. Both hate doing chores and neither seems happy with the arrangement. Will Hina and Dylan manage to help this family clean-up its act and find a way to have fun?

EP·9 'Divided We Fall'

Here’s one family that’s coming apart at the seams. Reserved British-born Richard and his irrepressible wife Halina are busy raising her two lively teenagers and their 6 year old daughter. The arguments started after the family moved into a two-storey home in Little Italy, and they haven’t stopped. Halina absolutely hates the kitchen, and with good cause.. For some inexplicable reason, the major work units of stove, sink and fridge are not in the actual kitchen but are crammed in a small mudroom off the back of the house. Sparks literally fly every time Halina tries to make dinner and when mom’s upset, everyone feels it. It doesn’t help that straight-laced Roger keeps talking about saving money and doing chores. The teenagers roll their eyes, Halina is fed up and Roger feels left out.

EP·10 'OPA'

Meet my big unhappy, angry, guilt-ridden Greek family. Patty and Rob purchased their suburban bungalow several years ago so Patty could care for her invalid mom, Stella. Grandma now lives in the spacious lower level while Patty, Rob and their two kids are crowded upstairs. The kids are now teenagers, space is tight and the tension in the family has reached the boiling point. The kids complain bitterly there’s nowhere for them to hang out with their friends, and they resent all the sacrifices the family has had to make so mom could look after Stella. The whole family is in turmoil. Patty is a passionate woman plagued by guilt and anger. Her children feel that their mom has left their needs in the dust for grandma and they’re fed up. Rob tries to get everyone to get along without success, and the entire family is almost always on the verge of tears.

EP·11 'Heartbreak Hotel'

To keep her family together, Homa gave up the comforts of a suburban home to move into a house that was closer to her kids’ university. But now the home that was supposed to keep them together is threatening to tear them apart. In desperate need of work, the main floor of the house is a disaster and the few efforts made by the family to fix it have only made things worse. Despite her love of entertaining, Homa is so embarrassed that she’s never invited anyone over. The kids are always out and mom is left alone to stare at the shabby rooms around her. After struggling to raise them on her own, Homa is less than thrilled with her kids constant arguing and bickering. All bright, opinionated individuals, they prefer to blame one another for the state of house rather than work together to find a solution. It’s heartbreaking for this devoted mom to see her family being torn apart by the stresses and tensions of living in a dump.

EP·12 'Upstairs Downstairs'

When Donna and Saul first bought their dream home it was split into three apartments. The couple wanted to turn it into a single family home, but then Donna discovered she was pregnant and all their plans came to a standstill. Three years later the family of four is still living out of three small rooms on the second floor, while the unfinished main floor remains an empty shell. Donna, can’t understand why Saul, who works in construction, hasn’t been able to get the job done, but after a long, grueling day installing drywall, the last thing Saul wants to do is come home to work on the house. His wife is fed up, frustrated and exhausted. This cramped, unfinished house is not what she had in mind for herself or her family. Saul feels guilty and responsible but powerless to change things any time soon. To make things worse, Donna can’t understand why her husband continues to send a chunk of their income to help support his large family in Mexico instead of using it to improve the life of his own, young family right here in Canada..

EP·13 'Basement Battles'

With the arrival of a new baby three years ago, 17 year old Brandon gave up his bedroom and moved down to the basement. His mom Darlene thought this was a great solution, but not anymore. Since moving down there Brandon has become very possessive of his space and doesn’t like it when his mom comes down to do the laundry. That’s when Darlene, who admits to being a neat-freak, usually blows a gasket at the sight of the mess she usually finds down there. The two fight endlessly and their once great relationship is in tatters. 15yr. old Jade adores her big brother and feels trapped in the middle when the two go at each other. Darlene’s partner Dwayne tries to stay out of their way but no one can escape the fallout. Everyone agrees that Darlene is almost tyrannical when it comes to keeping the house tidy but she just feels her children don’t appreciate all the work she does to provide them with a nice, clean home. But what really hurts Darlene is the feeling she’s being pushed out of her son’s life and she’s afraid their on-going battles will eventually push him so far away, he will leave and never come back.

EP·14 'Make Room For Mom'

After successfully raising three kids on her own, Frances was proud to finally be able to buy her very own home. But with two of her kids still living at home, she gave them the upstairs rooms and headed for the dark, damp basement bedroom which houses the water meter. On the main level, the cozy home offers few places where the Frances and her kids can unwind. The fine family balance is easily disrupted and never more so than when her oldest son Chris decides to come for a visit. Chris has his own place but is finding it difficult to get his life on track. Lately he’s developed the habit of dropping by, often staying for days at a time. The small, cramped space means that tension soon begins to mount and arguments eventually break out. Adam and Elizabeth wish Frances would just lay down the law, and are increasingly resentful of what they see as Chris’ lack of respect for their personal space and lifestyles. But even though the whole household is turned upside down, Frances cannot bring herself to tell Chris to get out.

EP·15 'Baby Makes Three'

Jim and Mary Jo married last year and the ceremony took place in their magnificent ravine back-yard. The couple thought they would never be able to have children as Mary Jo suffers from kidney disease and is currently on the transplant list but miraculously, a few days before their wedding they discovered Mary Jo was pregnant. Although thrilled with their new baby, Mary Jo and Jim now have a new problem. They live in a one-bedroom bungalow and there’s no place for the nursery on the main floor. Their baby is now 5 months old and he’s still sleeping in the bassinette. This is quickly becoming an unbearable situation and the once, happy couple are now always at odds.. Jim thinks it would be best for them to get a new place but Mary Jo loves the house and resents Jim’s efforts to try to get her to move. The honeymoon is definitely over for Jim and Mary Jo and even though the baby is fast approaching his first birthday, a solution is still no where in sight.

EP·16 'Martini Reno'

Debora and Joe purchased their 80 year old house six years ago and had every intention of creating a Zen-like oasis. They decided to throw a martini/reno party to entice their friends to help them knock down the kitchen. By the end of the evening not only where the cabinets gone but so were a number of walls. One and a half years later the couple and their three children are still living among the ruins of their demolished interior. With only part of the kitchen done and the rest of the main floor unfinished, the family is living in what has begun to feel like a war zone.

EP·17 'Boys Will Be Boys'

Rena was busy raising her two sons when she met, fell in love and married Dino, a divorced father of four boys. That’s how this bunch all ended up living together in Dino’s semi-detached, three bedroom bungalow, that’s now in danger of bursting at the seams. Everyone is on top of each other. There’s no decent place for the boys to hang out and tempers are flaring. And with only one woman in the house, guess who ends up picking up after everyone else? Serious help is needed to get this group to ‘fall in’ and pick up after themselves before Rena goes ballistic.

EP·18 'Kitchen Calamities'

Grigore and Maria have been fighting since they started renovating their home three years ago, and the situation is just getting worse. Their 24 year old daughter Alex and her 18 yr. old sister Oana, worry that their parents might reach the point of no return. Since moving in Grigore has worked hard to make major improvements to the place. But for Maria it’s never enough, and she has become obsessed with continually improving the house, wanting to make changes throughout the place. Moving or extending a closet here, installing a new floor there. She even wants Grigore to go back and make changes to areas that have already been done. Grigore is very proud of the results but is starting to feel that in a house full of women, this man’s work will never be done.

EP·19 'Where Did The Love Go?'

Deeply in love, Brizeida and Andrew got married when she was only 18 and he was 20. Five years, and two kids later, they are barely coping with all the stresses and responsibilities that come with family life. As young parents Andrew and Brizeida are overwhelmed by the challenges of parenting and these days it seems that all their discussions just turn into yelling matches. Andrew in particular is struggling with his role as a dad, and Brizeida is hurt by what she perceives as his lack of affection. Recently they moved to the suburbs and the pressures of trying to make their home more functional and family-friendly has only added to the many stresses and tensions in their relationship.

EP·20 'Too Close For Comfort'

Married only a few months Donna convinced her husband Carlos they should buy the house from her dad Mike, who could no longer afford to keep it. Mike would get to stay in his house and Donna and Carlos would become homeowners. What seemed a good idea at the time has turned their lives, and relationships upside down. The three now have little space and almost no privacy. It seems they’re always in each other’s way and their strong personalities mean that tempers often flare. Mike feels Donna and Carlos want him out of the way. They feel he doesn’t appreciate their efforts to help him. He thinks they don’t respect him because they change things without consulting him. The couple feel this is their home now and they should be free to do as they like. The two men are both proud and stubborn, and neither is willing to give in. Donna finds herself stuck in between and everyone is unhappy. Things are so bad that Carlos has still not fully moved in. It’s no surprise the couple’s relationship is strained even as they try to keep dad and the house from coming between them.

EP·21 'Closet Confidential'

Anna, Daryl and their two kids are a young family with a big storage problem. It doesn’t help that Anna’s a confessed neat-freak and Daryl…well let’s just say he’s very relaxed when it comes to tidying up. In a big hurry to buy a home before Skylar started school last fall, the couple hurriedly bought a modern, three-storey house in the Beaches, but failed to notice that it had almost no storage space. Anna and Daryl are the perfect examples of the old adage that ‘opposites attract’. She worries, he doesn’t. She’s tense, he’s relaxed. She likes to get things done, he likes to put them off. Once, these differences didn’t bother them, but the issues with the house have brought them angrily to the surface. The issues with the house have really come between Anna and Daryl to the point that they didn’t even celebrate their anniversary, and things are just getting worse.

EP·22 'Triple Trouble'

Five years ago Linda, her husband Paul and their young daughter Serena, moved in with Linda’s mom Helen. It seemed a perfect arrangement until Paul lost his job and Linda discovered she was pregnant…with triplets! Now Helen and Paul are home together all day long, with Helen caring for the babies while Paul works part-time at the computer. Now they’re bickering all the time, with Linda stuck solidly between them. Helen can’t fathom why Paul hasn’t yet found a full-time job, or why he’s so slow to mow the lawn and fix things around the house. Meanwhile Paul feels terribly guilty that he’s unable to provide for his family as he used to. The house situation has become critical. Baby things are everywhere. Toys are everywhere. The triplets and Serena are everywhere! What was once a comfortable, suburban home has become a daycare centre and Helen feels she’s being crowded out. of her own home…

EP·23 'Face The Music'

Skating coach Laura has recently moved out of the house she shares with her husband David and son Miles and moved into her office. She is now sleeping on a floor mattress in her Richmond Hill office but at least here she has a small kitchen and running water. Laura and her family haven’t had a decent home-cooked meal in months, and all because she and David got fed up with living in the suburbs and bought a fixer-upper in the city. David, a talented musician felt his creative juices drying up in the land of the cul de sac, so Laura agreed to move back to the urban jungle and into a century-old home in the heart of the city. While Laura ran her skating school, David and a series of professionals tackled the renovations jobs at home. But he soon discovered that restoring a 100 yr. old house, was a bigger, costlier and more complicated job than he ever expected. Finally half way through the kitchen demolition, everything stopped. Since then the family has had no where to prepare and eat their meals. The state of the house has pressed all the trigger buttons for this family and things are getting worse by the minute.

EP·24 'Suburban Blending'

Both married before, AnnaLee and John met two years. They fell in love, decided to sell their homes and merge their families into one. AnnaLee and her 6 yr. old daughter, Rebecca, and John and his 14 yr. old son Marshall now share a comfortable 4-bedroom home, with John’s daughter Mackenzie visiting every other weekend.. Everyone was thrilled to be starting a new life together and expected fine sailing all the way. But instead of turning into the loving family unit they envisioned, this blended group is breaking down along parenting lines, with AnnaLee and Rebecca on one side and John, Marshall and Mackenzie on the other. AnnaLee, an organized and methodical woman, finds it difficult to adapt to Marshall’s teenage ways, while John thinks she’s too demanding and tyrannical. It doesn’t help that the main floor is badly laid out and the kitchen is cramped and impractical, making family time together, tense and frustrating daily experiences.

EP·25 'On Our Own'

Irene and her two boys, Matthew and Lucas, live in a small, modest suburban home her ex-husband bought 18 years ago. Often Irene wanted to renovate it and make it more attractive. But each time her husband Paul would tell her to hold off as they planned to eventually move to a bigger and better home. But the move never happened. Instead, Irene’s husband left his family last year and moved in with another woman and her kids in a nice home nearby. Irene was devastated and so were Matthew and Lucas. She loves her boys and regrets the fact that the house offers no place where they can hang out with their friends. Although both boys are often invited to sleepovers, they have no space where they can host their own get-togethers. Matthew and Lucas often clash over the use of space and the small home doesn’t offer a retreat from the anger and tension they’ve experienced over the past year.

EP·26 'Back To Stay'

After her divorce, Tina bought a small bungalow and renovated it to suit her needs perfectly. Then she met John, fell in love and it wasn’t long before they discovered she was pregnant. John moved in, dropped his belongings in the unfinished basement and they waited for the baby to be born. They planned to renovate the basement after the arrival of the baby to give them more family space. Soon after the baby’s arrival, John’s work took him to North Carolina for what was to be a three month project. Every Sunday he would leave and return on Friday nights. Three months turned into a year and now that he’s back, both John and Tina are having trouble adjusting. For over a year Tina was essentially a single mom. She had her routine and way of doing things, both with the baby and with the house. Now that John is back, he just seems to be in her way all the time and it doesn’t help that he acts as though he’s still living in a hotel, leaving dirty dishes in the sink, dirty laundry on the floor and failing to notice when the place needs tidying up. With her man back home to stay, Tina is feeling the walls of the little house closing in. This small bungalow now feels tight and suffocating with John and the baby around. She’s upset she has no where to entertain their friends, since Ciara’s toys have taken over the main floor. The basement remains unfinished and there’s no place where she can get away from the clutter.

Season 3

EP·1 'Domino Effect'

Stacey and Joseph were a fun loving couple who enjoyed an active social life together prior to the birth of their son, Dasian.  Now, however, Stacey is cooped up in her room tending to the baby while Derrick parties with the guys until the wee hours of the morning.  Can Hina and Dylan find a way to create a separate space for Derrick and Stacy both to enjoy the adult side of life, or will this new family remain divided?

EP·2 'Just A Tenant'

When Joanne moved into to Rocco’s home this past December, they both believed they would be starting a new life together. A fun loving couple with lots in common, this seemed the next natural step in their relationship. Instead, Joanne is faced with an overstuffed home with no room for her own belongings, and an outdated décor thatRocco is unwilling to change. Now, Joanne is living out of her car, and Rocco’s worried she might not be there for long unless something changes. Can Hina and Dylan help this couple reconnect and create a space they can call their own, or will Joanne be left feeling like just a tenant?

EP·3 'After The Flood'

Lorraine and Jeff’s family home was decimated by two floods in the past few years. Unable to face the cost or the drama of re-finishing their basement rec room for a third time, the home they share with their two boys has been reduced by half its size. With the entire family, girlfriends,neighbours and a barking dog all fighting for space in their main floor living room, tensions are running high. To make matters worse, Jeff and Lorraine are fighting almost daily over the family finances, so much so their youngest son, Mitchell has taken to hiding out in his bedroom. Can Hina and Dylan restore this family and their home to what they once were in the days before the floods?

EP·4 'Unfinished Business'

When Greg and Jennifer moved their family clear across the country, Jennifer discovered her husband had purchased not just a house she’d never seen, but all its contents as well. With twice the furniture and less room than they were used to, Greg and Jennifer have had a hard time settling in. Their basement rec room looks like a furniture store instead of a play area; there’s a dining table in their bedroom; and, almost every room is under construction. As they struggle to juggle career, family, and an overload of furniture, this couple is missing out on quality time with their three boys, and even more so with each other. Can Hina and Dylan help this family reconnect and turn their unfinished house into a welcoming home?

EP·5 'Double Trouble'

When Varyn and Victor bought their dream home, they planned to renovate their upstairs kitchen into a second bedroom for their twin boys. Years have gone by, however, and Cole and Quin are still sharing a room. Now that they are approaching their teen years, the fighting that naturally ensues between brothers in close quarters is starting to impact the whole family. Can Hina and Dylan find a way to separate the boys while uniting the family in the process?

EP·6 'Two’s Company'

When Joan and Yuri moved into their dream house, they never imagined it might drive them apart. Their differing needs and tastes have left them clamoring for quality time and their own space. Hina and Dylan work to help this couple reconnect and have a space they can call their own.

EP·7 'Through Ethen’s Eyes'

When Kyle and Julie’s four year old son was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, not only did they have to deal with the tragic effect the illness would have on Ethen’s life, but also the prospect of having to give up their dream home. With the help of Children’s Wish, Hina and Dylan tackle the challenge of making the changes necessary for this family to remain together in the home they have all come so much to love.

EP·8 'Yelling Down The House'

Linda and William are overwhelmed with their three children, their crowded home, and each other. The kids are ruling the roost,and Linda’s response is to yell down the house. While Dylan carves out a space the adults can call their own, Hina works to bring the volume of this out of control environment back to a peaceful hum.

EP·9 'Musical Beds'

Sean and Wendi’s open concept house seemed like a great idea until they added three young children and a wealth of visiting grandparents to the mix. Now there’s never any room or time to relax. Can Hina and Dylan help this family find a way to unwind by adding some much needed family space?

EP·10 'Two To Tango

For Vanessa and Chris each day starts with a battle for the bathroom. Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t end there. To do lists, and a constant rearranging of furniture add to the madness in their tiny home. Hina and Dylan tackle the challenge of ticking at least a few items off Vanessa’s ever growing lists.

EP·11 'Reno Nightmare'

With the arrival of baby Noah, Adam and Marcy’s housing renovation came to a screeching halt. Months later, their main floor is still a shambles and it’s taking it’s toll. Can Hina and Dylan help put the fun back in family and get this reno nightmare under control?

EP·12 'Peace Work'

Lulu and David’s charming house is bursting at the seams. With two small children, and a chaotic home based business, both time and space are at a premium. Can the team give this family the storage solutions they need to find a little peace?

EP·13 'Sibling Squabbles'

When Peggy and her three brothers bought a house together, they thought it would be like living back home. Instead, they are faced with endless household tasks, an unfurnished space, and four different opinions how to deal with it. To make matters worse, Peggy will be moving out soon, and she fears her three brothers will quickly turn the place into a fraternity house. Can Hina and Dylan help these siblings find a middle ground and turn their haphazard house into an inviting home?

EP·14 'Tavern Woes'

Larry and Cecelia’s new home is causing them lots of family friction. With homework happening at the kitchen table and hockey equipment lining the living room floor, the entire family is having a hard time getting organized. Watch Hina whip them into shape as Dylan turn their family’s tacky basement tavern into a happy haven.

EP·15 'Lost in Toyland'

Christine and Rob are an active couple with two small children. Their home is cozy and comfortable but ever since the upstairs family room was converted into a bedroom for their daughter all the children’s toys have ended up all over the house. A place is needed where the children can play and Christine and Rob can just relax. Can Hina and Dylan help this family cut through the clutter and create a space they can all enjoy together?

EP·16 'Split Level Family'

Tim and Dawn were married last year and with the happy union came Tim’s three children. The newlyweds needed to find a home that would suit all of them. They purchased a split level home with lots of space… or at least that is what they thought. Now the children all seem to be in each other’s faces and Dawn needs a sanctuary where she can get away from it all. Can Hina and Dylan find a way to blend this stepfamily together?

EP·17 'Tug O War'

Joanne and Murray purchased their first home together last year. They bought a real fixer upper and started doing their own renovations, but quickly ran out of time and money. Their unfinished home has been causing friction between this fiery couple. They both have very different taste Joanne likes nice things and Murray is always one to pinch a penny. Can Hina and Dylan help this princess and pauper to finish any of their home renovations?

EP·18 'Looney Tunes'

Ron and Pam are a middle aged suburban couple with two very different opinions on raising their two children, The major issue in this family is their daughters open concept music room on the first floor. The rest of the family cannot even hear themselves think when Mikaila has a creative inspiration. Can Hina and Dylan find a space for this little musician before she drives the rest of her family looney?

EP·19 'Back In the Nest'

Ken and Riita take great pride in their home although lately it seems to be getting a lot smaller. Their oldest daughter recently finished university and has moved back home. Space is becoming a major issue with four adults living under the same roof. Can Dylan and Hina help this family to organize their lives and space now that their daughter is back in the nest?

EP·20 'Sardines In A Can'

Diana and Ron have their hands full with three boys all under the age of 6. Their dream home is now turning into a nightmare as it was purchased before the couple had any children. Now this 2-bedroom house is three rooms too small for a family of five. Can Hina and Dylan help this family with their mismanaged space so they can stop feeling like sardines in a can?

EP·21 'My Way or the Highway'

Kathryn and Mike are busy professionals constantly debating over moving to a bigger house. Mike wants to move and Kathryn wants to stay, but as always Mike’s told it’s my way or the highway. They’re in constant disagreements about money and raising their three children. Can Hina and Dylan help this couple with day to day squabbles that could potentially kill their marriage?

EP·22 'Wasted Space'

Michal and Serge live in a large suburban home with their two small children. This couple is as different as any couple can be and they constantly butt heads about everything. Their biggest argument is over the monster that is their second floor loft, which is completely unused. Can Hina and Dylan help this family agree on what to do with their wasted space?

EP·23 'Anniversary for Adversaries'

Helena and Fred will have been married for almost 44 years and lately they have been lacking love. They spend a lot of time trying to avoid one another, as all they do is argue. They have lived in the same house for 30 years but recently it seems a lot smaller. Can Hina and Dylan help this couple solve some space issues and make it to their upcoming anniversary?

EP·24 'Family Blender'

Sandy and Alex were married last year and found all the happiness they’d been waiting for. Alex and his daughter moved into the home that Sandy shared with her 2 children. Now this five person blended family is sharing a home that just comfortably fits three. Sandy and Alex want to be together, but not like this. Can Hina and Dylan help this new family get comfortable with each other and their new space?

EP·25 'Do It All Mom'

Anna is a single mom raising two children. The catch is that her children are grown adults and they refuse to help out around the house. The family is all on separate schedules and Anna is becoming overwhelmed with the daily up keep. Can Hina and Dylan help Anna finish any of her unfinished projects, hopefully with some help from her children?

EP·26 'Tear Down Tirade'

Shamiema and Haroun are grade school sweethearts. They purchased their first home three years ago: a brand new house in the suburbs. Since moving in Haroun has done nothing but rip the house apart in efforts to renovate and reflect his famiy’s taste. The problem is he refuses to complete any started project. Can Hina and Dylan help this family to put this house back together so that they can finally feel at home?

Season 4

EP·1 'Mommy Maid'

Being the mom of three boys in a small house isn’t so bad. Being their maid is a different story! Anna is sick and tired of picking up after everyone and wants to call it quits. Hina brings everyone to the negotiating table.

EP·2 'Dual Duty Home'

Running a home daycare and raising two small kids keeps Jennifer and Michael extremely busy. Can Hina help this couple find time for each other while Dylan builds a space for the family?

EP·3 'Mid-life Overhaul'

‘Our family is like the Game of Risk,’ says Tom, the adult son who moved back home. ‘We all guard our own territories and try to control each other, amass more power.’ Arguments end in stalemates, no one gets along. Mom wants Hina and Dylan to come to the rescue!

EP·4 'Meet the Clutterbugs'

Meet a busy, successful family with one huge problem: clutter – mom’s clutter in fact. After 18 years in the same house, her mess has taken over every room. 16-year old daughter Jasmine wants Hina and Dylan to help get mom’s clutter under control.

EP·5 'Rough Housing'

Amanda and Jason are parents to three active boys who have been destroying their home from the inside out. The house has taken so much abuse in the last few years the family is ashamed to let anyone through the door. Jason’s plans to invest in the home are constantly shot down by Amanda’s need to penny pinch. Can Hina help this family find a middle ground while Dylan brings their house back to life?

EP·6 'A Room of their Own'

Teenage sisters Julian and Katlin are driving their parents nuts with their constant bickering over space. The girls have been forced to share a bedroom because half of their home has been in a state of unfinished construction since the girls were young. Meanwhile, mom and dad are fighting their own battle over how to tackle their unfinished projects. Can Hina and Dylan give the girls a space to call their own, and teach this family how to work together before they tear each other apart.

EP·7 'Sick House'

It has been over a year since Kim recovered from an illness that had her bedridden for months. While Kim has made a full recovered, the family feels the home has not. As Kim and her husband Dale are both therapists, Hina challenges them to tackle their issues, while Dylan tries to bring some life back into their dreary home.

EP·8 'Moving Auntie'

Patty is an exhausted single mom. She is busy working full time while caring for her three young daughters and her elderly Aunt Pat. The home they share has been in the family for three generations, but having Aunt Pat living in the basement apartment is not working for the family any longer. Can Dylan create a space upstairs for Aunt Pat while Hina helps Patty bring order to the family?

EP·9 'You, Me and Our Families'

Newlyweds Jaclyn and Ryan were excited to begin life together in their new home, that was until Ryan’s ongoing renovation projects got in the way. The couple’s large extended family is eager to help out, but Ryan constant need for control is driving them away. Can Hina help mend the family ties while Dylan works to finish a space for the couple?

EP·10 'Instant Family '

When Sarah married Ulf she also opened her heart to his two young sons, add a new baby to the mix and you have an instant blended family. Moving into Ulf’s house was a challenge for Sarah and she has had to fight for every inch of space. Can Hina and Dylan help Sarah define her role in the family and find a space she can call her own?

EP·11 'Two’s A Crowd'

After six years of living together, Nick and Henry have fallen into some familiar patterns. Nick is messy, Henry nags, and both have trouble communicating with each other. Recently, the tension increased when Nick started working from home. Can Hina help Nick and Henry battle it out while Dylan creates a space for Nick’s business?

EP·12 'Then There Were Three'

Over the past few years, Denyse has been adjusting to life as a single mom to Austin 11, and Dylan 7. This new family of three is struggling to let go of the past, and adjust to a new household without dad. Austin attempts to tackle home reno projects, and the whole family struggles to find quality time to spend together. While Hina assigns challenges that help them to redefine themselves as a family, Dylan gives Austin a few helpful tool tips, and creates a space that will give this family the fresh start they deserve.

EP·13 'Double Double'

When David and Rachel moved into their two-bedroom home eleven years ago it was the perfect size for their family of three. Now a family of six, they are all fighting for space and constantly bickering. Can Dylan create more space in this tiny home while Hina helps this frustrated family change their tune?

EP·14 'Store Front Home'

Kelly and Kris were high school sweethearts who scrimped and saved to buy their first home. Their dreams to renovate the home were put on hold after Kris was in a serious car accident. With the renos on hold and Kris unable to work, tension is running high.

EP·15 'RV Dreamin’'

Moving into Marianna’s dream home caused a lot of friction between Marianna and Roger. While Marianna was excited to begin renovations, Roger was overwhelmed by everything that needed to be fixed. To make matters worse, Roger’s dream of owning a vintage RV is a constant source of tension. Can Dylan give Marianna her dream kitchen while Hina challenges Roger’s RV Dreams?

EP·16 'Odd Man Out'

Donna and Max are running out of space. With two teenage sons, and a large extended family, their home seems to be shrinking. While Dylan creates a new washroom and kitchen in the basement to expand their space, Hina struggles to bring the family closer together.

EP·17 'The Big Picture'

After years of saving, Marianne and Danielle pulled together enough money to purchase their dream home. A couple of years later, the constant renovation projects have turned their dream into a nightmare. Can Dylan and Hina help this couple look at the bigger picture and realize their dream is still alive?

EP·18 'Starting Over'

It has been four years since Michelle and her husband split up. The change has been especially difficult for nine year old Tyler and eleven year old Alyssa. Can Hina help this family start over, while Dylan and his crew give them a fresh start by renovating their bedrooms?

EP·19 'Heating Up the House'

Michelle and Mark purchased their home sight unseen after falling in love with it in photos. What the beautiful photos did not reveal was the lack of insulation and leaking windows that have left this family freezing in the winter months. To make matters worse, Mark and Michelle are constantly arguing over finances. Can Dylan warm up the home while Hina heats up the relationship?

EP·20 'Fish or Cut Bait'

Jason and Kim have been dating for seven years and became homeowners two years ago. The moment the last box was moved in they began arguing over how to renovate. That combined with Kim’s desire to be a wife and mother is causing a lot of tension in the home. Can Dylan and Hina help this couple to resolve the stalemate they have reached in both their home renovations and their relationship?

EP·21 'Oops Another Baby'

When Dale and Melissa purchased their two-bedroom town home three years ago, they were not planning on having a family. Within a short period of time this family of two has doubled in size and outgrown their home. Can Dylan help them to maximize their space while Hina helps them adjust to their new life?

EP·22 'Teenage Tyrants'

Benny and Patty are busy raising three opinionated teenagers. Between music, sports, and friends life in this home has become very hectic. As the kids grow, Patty and Benny have noticed their space in the home shrink. Can Hina restore order in the home while Dylan creates a space for these teens to call their own?

EP·23 'Mrs Now, Mr Later '

They say that opposites attract and this is definitely the case with newlyweds Adam and Erica! As new homeowners, she is intent move full speed ahead with the renovations while he is content to take his time. Can Hina help this couple see eye to eye while Dylan attempts to ease the stress by taking on the kitchen renovation?

EP·24 'Basement Breakdance'

A recent divorce has forever changed the lives of Pina and her four kids. In an effort to unite this fun-loving family, Hina challenges them to a dance off against Dylan and his team. This puts extra pressure on Dylan and his crew who struggle to complete the family’s new basement while training for the competition.

EP·25 'Back to the 50’s'

Tim and Leanne were a typical modern couple before the arrival of their two kids. Now a stay at home mom, Leanne is having trouble adjusting to the new family dynamic. To make matters worse, the family has outgrown their tiny kitchen, making mealtime very stressful. Can Hina help this modern mom get out of the house while Dylan creates their dream kitchen?

EP·26 'Supersized Family'

Vicki and Patrick’s family keeps growing. With five kids, and one on the way, this family has outgrown their three bedroom bungalow, and the lack of space has everyone on edge. While Dylan and his crew work to give the family a new basement, Hina struggles to bring order into this chaotic home.