Throwing a party in your own home can be incredibly stressful even at the best of times. We all want our parties to be memorable, special and one of a kind. To the rescue is Lynzie Kent, event planner extraordinaire and owner of the visionary brand Love by Lynzie.

Known as the queen of DIY with a knack for taking any party idea big or small and making it a dream DIY reality, Lynzie takes hosts in search of a truly unique and personalize occasion all within their own home. She transforms their ‘stuff’ while turning their wish list of must-haves into the handcrafted party of their dreams.

From a Barcelona inspired House-Warming to a Hollywood Glam Engagement Party, Lynzie will look to the space and the host’s dreams for inspiration. She’ll then work with them to DIY their way through some of the most creative and beautifully inspired party projects to create an event NO ONE will soon forget!

Lynzie Kent

“Growing up, my parents were musicians, sometimes playing 6 shows a week, making me a pretty unique kid. When I was little, I passed time with babysitters doing craft after craft. As a teenager without parent’s home on weekends, I discovered my love for throwing the perfect party and was always caught. Then as a young adult, I began filling in for my mother singing at events, and I discovered my intense desire to coordinate a flawless event schedule. Watching entrepreneurial parents made me an entrepreneurial child. I set up a sidewalk store where I sold my painted rocks. I charged admission to my theatrical debut in the basement. I even planned a teddy bear wedding with a black tie dress code. People actually showed up for this. I was 10. Being a host, leading a crowd, obsessing over event colour schemes – it’s what I do, it’s what I love.

With over 12 years of experience in the event and entertainment industry, I have worked on hundreds of weddings and events. I’ve learned from inspiring experience with companies like Mark Breslin’s Yuk Yuk’s, The Dance Company, Pearl Bridal House, God Made Me Funky, Ontario Place, The Drake Hotel and many more. After studying at the Randolph Academy for the Arts, I spent years pursuing original music, and eventually, gave that up to start two companies. I now run Electric Blonde, for which I am the lead singer, and Love by Lynzie Events + Design, where I am the creative director. We collectively work on over 60 weddings and events a year with a dedicated team of designers, planners, musicians and assistants. Life’s biggest moments deserve immense attention to detail, a colour scheme, uninhibited joy, and of course, a whole lotta love…Zeppelin reference anyone?”



EP · 1 'Ballerina Party'

Lynzie conjures up all things pink and glittery as her inspiration for a very girly, handmade 6th birthday party.

EP · 2 'Engagement Party'

Lynzie helps a couple announce their nuptials in style by creating a handmade Hollywood Glam dinner party.

EP · 3 'Book Club'

A too-small-to-host house becomes the perfect setting for Lynzie to hand craft a ‘nerdy’ book-inspired book club meeting.

EP · 4 'Boys’ Sleepover'

Lynzie channels her inner tom-boy to create a hand crafted, indoor camping experience for a boy’s sleepover.

EP · 5 'Housewarming Party'

Lynzie uses one globe trotting couple’s love of Barcelona as the inspiration for a hand crafted house warming party.

EP · 6 'Girls Night In'

Lynzie creates a stunning Boho Beach Girl’s Night In, so a group of busy gal pals can kick back, reconnect and relive their carefree youth.

EP · 7 'Sports Party'

A coed dodge ball team celebrates ALMOST winning the championship with a DIY gold medal sports party created by Lynzie.

EP · 8 'Bachelorette'

Lynzie’s creates a sophisticated one of kind ALL WHITE bachelorette party for her best friend.

EP · 9 'Surprise 30th Birthday'

James Bond is the inspiration for a hand crafted, “super spy” surprise 30th birthday party that Lynzie helps create with her golden eye.

EP · 10 'Singles Party'

Lynzie digs into her single past to help create a fun and fabulous home made SINGLE’s event to remember.

EP · 11 'January Blues Party'

The stretch between Christmas and Spring can be long, so Lynzie helps one tired host bring the tropics to family and friends.

EP · 12 'Going Away Party'

With a stint in Louisiana on the horizon, Lynzie helps create a New Orleans style going away party for one lucky host.

EP · 13 'Wine & Cheese Party'

Lynzie helps a wine expert throw the most unique wine and cheese party EVER to introduce a friend, new to the city, to her inner circle.