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A half-hour hidden camera prank show that takes teenagers, who think they know everything about looking after kids, and puts them to the ultimate babysitting test – one that they will never see coming.
Our “babysitter” shows up for what they think is a routine night of babysitting but unbeknownst to them, the house is rigged with concealed cameras and everyone else involved are actors, ready to pull off the ultimate babysitting prank! Extreme Babysitting sets out to push the ridiculous meter on the usually mundane world of babysitting, without letting the babysitter know that they are actually on TV!



Andy is the mastermind behind all of the pranks on “Extreme Babysitting” and this is why he is known fondly as the “Prankmaster”. If you have a friend / sibling / cousin / teammate that you want to prank,  Andy will help set them up with one wild babysitting prank that they’ll never see coming. With his team of professional pranksters by his side, Andy will set any unsuspecting babysitter on the craziest ride of their life.

Season 1

EP·1 “Ole, Ole, El Guapo’s On His Way”

Alisha has to deal with a pizza delivery boy who doesn’t want to leave the house; Haris is given no choice but to wrangle a football team and it’s many surprises; and Sara finds herself hired alongside another less than helpful babysitter.

EP·2 “I’m A Cool Babysitter”

When the grandparents drop by to visit, Nicolina finds herself babysitting more than just the kids; a bizarre yoga teacher makes Marie’s babysitting job a little less zen; and Pierre is left in charge of a kid who thinks he can communicate with aliens

EP·3 “Don’t Tell Me You’re Gonna Put Mayo On That Too”

A wacky cleaning lady makes Scott’s babysitting job far from routine; Delina is forced to sing her way through the evening; and Brittnee finds herself face to face with a less than co- operative butler.

EP·4 “I’m The Only Cheese Rubber In This House!”

Samantha finds herself babysitting 2 kids and an extremely valuable cheese collection; Katrina needs to help the cable guy fix the TV so that the baseball obsessed kid can watch the big game; and Julian’s babysitting job leads to running lines with a child actor and a surprise phone call from “Daniel Radcliffe”.

EP·5 “How Many Times Do Dinosaurs Have To Go Extinct?”

Tiffany finds out that babysitting a kid with a science project can be quite explosive; Jaskaran comes face to face with an off-the-wall Chinese food delivery boy; and Blake signs for a very peculiar delivery package.

EP·6 “That Guy Has My Oil!”

While babysitting, Goran quickly finds himself stuck in the middle of a teenaged lover’s quarrel; Bani tries to control an oil bonanza in the family’s kitchen; and Demi is stuck looking after a child, an exterminator and something weird living in the walls.

EP·7 “There Really Is a Party In My Hair”

Natalie helps the boy she’s looking after with an out of this world science project; Baylee finds herself stuck while lending a hand with a house painter; and Ayesha risks losing her hair in the name of babysitting.

EP·8 “Your One Million Dollars Has Now Gone Kaput!”

Aminah shows up to babysit and suddenly finds herself on a game show with a chance to win the family 1 million dollars; Melissa looks after a kid inventor with a few crazy tricks up his sleeve; and Alice finds herself babysitting a nice kid with a very angry pet cat.

EP·9 “You Don’t Wanna Get Angry By My Mama”

A simple game of hockey turns into a disaster for Calvin; Alexa shows up to babysit a kid who can actually read her mind; and when Tanya tries to assist a wacky electrician, it becomes an shocking experience.

EP·10 “Who Needs Go-Karting When We Could Be Married”

Aly learns the hard way that laundry and babysitting don’t always mix together well; Shantal finds herself in the middle of a teenage marriage proposal; and Angie finds herself babysitting a sweet girl and a very nosey neighbour.

EP·11 “Try Pumpernickle, I Think It’s A Much Quieter Bread”

Funke’s night of babysitting becomes a lesson in the wackier side of martial arts; Adriana must pedal to save a completely energy free house; and Michelle finds herself face to face with a very cranky neighbour.

EP·12 “Lovely Princess, Sitter On Baby”

Joanna receives a big shock from a foreign exchange student; Kwaku learns that babysitting a racecar fan comes with surprises; and Mackenzie finds herself in the middle of pre-wedding fiasco.

EP·13 “Is That A Camera In That Box?”

Hayley babysits during a shoddy home renovation; Rashad tries to help a wacky plumber; and Taelor gets lots of tricks, but no treats, in a big Halloween prank.

EP·14 “This Is Your Fault!”

Alex babysits for a family with a valuable model train set; Ajoke looks after a wedding obsessed little girl; and Pat takes care of a very curious kid.

EP·15 “Do You Live Here?”

Julia helps a kid break a new world record; Jackie finds herself testing a new line of toy products; and Tristan looks after a girl with super mental powers.

EP·16 “I’m Gonna Call Dean Martin”

India babysits while the mom gets interviewed on TV; Vinoth helps a team of archeologists with the discovery of a lifetime; and Abby lends a hand to a crazy meter reader.

EP·17 “I Think You Killed Our House”

Erika babysits for a cupcake baker with a few crazy surprises; Kaylyn helps sell the house she’s sitting in; and Ellie finds out what can happen when you babysit in an eco-house.

EP·18 “It’s An Uberstratten”

Michaela babysits a holiday-crazed girl with a rare Christmas tree; Josh has to deal with a bizarre vacuum salesman; and Thuriga looks after a girl with a sleepwalking father.

EP·19 “You Promised Me No More Ninjas”

Selin is put through the ultimate babysitting test; Shelby babysits for a Christmas obsessed family; and Jackie takes care of a girl and a very rare pet fish.

EP·20 “Do You Feel Johnny Depp-ish?”

Monica finds herself in the middle of a family portrait photo shoot; Isaac babysits while a film company inspects the house for an upcoming movie; and Rachel has to deal with a finicky garburator.

EP·21 “This Is Like A Bad Knock-Knock Joke”

Stephanie helps uncover a mystery for an archeology professor; Shania finds herself cooking with a crazy chef; and Jenny has to control an out-of-control birthday party.

EP·22 “Foo-Phwah!”

Anna needs to tend to a very leaky roof; Zoe lends a hand to a wacky birthday magician; and Breycia babysits a kid with an imaginary friend.

Season 2

EP·1 “Edgar Done Did That!”

Jade babysits for the family of the town’s new fire chief; Grady tires to help out a basketball crazy kid; Angeline gets pranked with a whole lot of popcorn.

EP·2 “Did You Fart My Table Down?”

Meeky meets a mom with a bit of a gas problem; Francesca ends up on the weirdest babysitting date ever; Elyjah has a run in with a bunch of crazy plumbers.

EP·3 “Do I Look Fat In This Suit?”

Alden is sent on a wild babysitting scavenger hunt; Vicky ends up playing the role of birthday party clown; Celia babysits for a kid and his lucky suit.

EP·4 “Joanie Loves Tchotchkes”

Carol finds herself the star of a weird video game; Raven gets pranked by a new home game show; Eryn meets a lottery obsessed mom.

EP·5 “I’m Gonna Look Like A Fool, And Not The Good Kind”

Amanda finds a pre-historic fish living under the kitchen; Babysitting gets a bit too medieval for Nadia; Victoria experiences a magical night of babysitting.

EP·6 “They Actually Call Me The Clone Ranger”

Emily encounters an out of control cake making machine; Aris discovers the pranky side of art; Nadia gets pranked by a rabbit.

EP·7 “Aligators Can’t Prank Babysitters”

Niya shares babysitting duties with a bodyguard; Jayde meets a famous pop singer; Leah discovers the pranky side of fine art.

EP·8 “I Guess I Can Let You Keep One Of The Hats”

Billy tries to win the family a dream vacation; Melanie gets pranked by a sink; Jacqueline has an encounter with a rare flying jackrabbit.

EP·9 “It Was A Dark And Pranky Night”

Phelisha babysits for an author with severe writer’s block; Ayla encounters a terrarium full of rare plants; Dominique ruins a huge birthday surprise.

EP·10 “I’m James Franco!”

Solanaa babysits for a camping obsessed family; Keira meets a boy who can’t see; Vanessa learns to ugly side of beauty creams.

EP·11 “My Telescope’s Gone Kaboom!”

Mikayla accidently ruins a huge surprise; Lisa babysits three large dragon eggs; Brandon helps track a meteor in space.

EP·12 “Mr. Gorilla, Stop!”

Miguel tries to control a brand new, high-tech security system; Ana helps discover some valuable treasures in the backyard; Val tries to control some raging water fountains.

EP·13 “Hungry Hungry Hypnos”

Safiya encounters a wacky chimney sweep; Connor discovers a wacky new phone app; Frial meets a recently hypnotized mom.